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About Us

CLASP provides a range of services across North Ayrshire including:

  • Localised access to advice and information on issues affecting social inclusion
  • Advice to ensure local people and groups gain an increased knowledge of their rights and their capacity to actively address issues affecting the quality of their lives
  • Assistance in accessing training and educational opportunities to gain transferable skills, enabling individuals to access employment and further educational opportunities
  • Support to ensure that local people aged 50+ and groups are able to access training in the use of Information Technology to meet their personal needs
  • Support to people aged 50+ through provision of a range of services and activities to reduce isolation and loneliness, and improve health and wellbeing.

We use a collaborative working model, linking with other local voluntary and statutory organisations, working together to fill gaps in service provision.

Our History & Values

CLASP (Community Led Action and Support Project), was established as a charitable voluntary organisation in January 2000 taking over the former Hayocks Information and Support Project, a Social Work Urban Programme funded project.  CLASP also became a Company Limited by Guarantee in March 2005.
Initially, CLASP was established to support residents of the Hayocks and Stevenston communities but developed and expanded their services and now support residents from across the North Ayrshire local authority area.

The aims of the organisation are the relief of poverty and advancement of education. The charity’s objectives are:

  • To develop a community managed and run sustainable project in the Stevenston area but serving the North Ayrshire area.
  • To encourage a more empowered, informed and socially active community through community capacity building and active citizenship training and activities.
  • To support and facilitate individual and group activity on issues relating to social inclusion.
  • To provide a local base for information, advice, assistance and resources on issues such as poverty, health, unemployment, money advice, literacies and local training opportunities in partnership with other voluntary and statutory organisations.
  • To recruit and train local volunteers in the above activities offering, where possible, recognised accredited opportunities in partnership with training and education providers.

Our Staff

Rosemary McCurdy

General Manager

Paul McCurdy


Jim Montgomery

HOPE Project Manager

Janette Hunter


Nikki Pitt

HOPE Activities Coordinator

Sessional Staff Team

Susan Seenan – Digital Buddy (Volunteer)

Our Board of Directors/Management Committee

Helen Bruce – Director and Chairperson
Barbara Richards – Director and Vice Chair
David Wilson – Director
Councillor John Sweeney – Committee Member
Claire Sharp – Committee Member

Our Volunteers

Volunteers are important and are at the heart of the CLASP organisation. Becoming a volunteer with CLASP helps us build a bridge between CLASP and the community we support, and brings the diversity which enriches our organisation. To find out more about volunteering with us please see our Volunteering page

Our Partners

North Ayrshire Health & Social Care Partnership

Third Sector Interface North Ayrshire

Better Off North Ayrshire

North Ayrshire Council

Working in Partnership with

CHAP (Community Housing Advocacy Project)

The Ayrshire Community Trust

North Ayrshire Money Matters Team

NHS Ayrshire & Arran


In addition, we work closely with a number of other organisations to deliver our HOPE Goes Digital project including the Church of Scotland, Dementia Awareness Largs Group, Arran Community & Voluntary Sector and the NHS Older Adult Psychology Service

Our Funders

We are grateful for the support of our funders including:

National Lottery
Community Fund

North Ayrshire Health &
Social Care Partnership

North Ayrshire Council

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