CLASP Digital

CLASP Digital
Is here to help you make the most of your digital technology.

  • Have you got an iPad, a Kindle or perhaps a Samsung or other Android tablet?
  • Do you own an iPhone, a Windows or an Android smartphone?
    If you’ve answered ‘yes’, to either of these questions, do you know how to use your device effectively?

If not, CLASP Digital can help!

Working with small groups or in one-to-one situations, we’ll guide you through the basics of using your device including: finding your way around email; how to browse the internet, how to stay safe when you’re online; and using social media.

Many of our learners began with zero, or almost zero knowledge of how to use their devices and  have progressed to being confident in the use of email, video calling, searching the web, and even sharing what they’ve learnt with others.

View our Sessions Calendar here, or call us on 01294 602711 for more information.

If you think you could help people use their digital technology (tablets, smartphones, PCs, laptops, etc.) why not volunteer with CLASP Digital? Click here for more information.

CLASP Digital Learners!

CLASP Digital is funded by the Scottish Government.