Vennel Centre

The Vennel Centre Hub represents a new challenge for the organisation and a very steep learning curve. The project is unique in North Ayrshire in that it is a central community hub based within a sheltered housing complex but being open to the community at large. The development represents a new direction in service delivery for older people, bringing services and activities into the heart of the community in a purpose built, state of the art facility. The vennel centre is being developed and has been established on the same aims,objectives and principles of CLASP as an organisation. It is however worth highlighting what have been identified as key areas of development and service delivery.

To engage and consult with older people in North Ayrshire to establish their needs and aspirations.

To work and consult with other partners and service providers in the delivery of services, activities and oppurtunities locally.

To combat isolation and loneliness in older people and to promote independent living

To create a vibrant, inclusive service able to react to changing need and developments locally.

Due to bereavement, distant family or the breakdown of the nuclear family isolation and loneliness are all too common in older people. The Vennel Centre is working to establish a service that combats this for older people and assist in facilitating independent living for longer. The effects of isolation and a lack of social interaction are well known, with adverse effects on physical and mental health and a lowering of self-esteem the program will go a long way to combatting this. Taking that aside we will work with other partners to assist in people living happier, more active lives in their own community

For any questions regarding the centre please contact through the following:

Tel: 01294 311745