CLASP (Community Led Action and Support Project )
Provides a local base for confidential access to information on a wide variety of subjects.

Here on our website you will find information on all the services we provide to the local community.
Please Note: As a voluntary organisation we are not here to judge cases but to provide free and confidential support.


CLASP Digital Learners Awarded Digital Skills Certificates.
January 2019

As reported in the Irvine Times:
“A few of CLASP Digital’s Essential Digital Skills learners received Bronze and Silver Certificates of Achievement in Irvine’s Vennel Gardens Community Hub on Thursday, January 31.”  Click/tap here for the full article.

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November 2018

CLASP is absolutely delighted to announce that we have just received a further 3 year Big Lottery Fund award for continuation of our HOPE Project for older people
Read more…  Big Lottery Confirms 3 More Years of Funding for HOPE Project

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